I’m Maggie Worth and my mission is to change the world by helping people change themselves.

I make my living as a speaker, coach, teacher/trainer, and freelance writer. But I’m also an obsessive reader, lifelong learner, dog schmuck, fiction writer, DIY enthusiast, Oxford comma defender, and nacho connoisseur. I’m a champion of intentional living and I’m dedicated to helping people, businesses, and organizational leaders figure out what they want, why they want it, and how to get there. My specialties are self-discovery, effective communication, and personal, professional, and entrepreneurial goal-setting and attainment.

In addition to a 20+ year career in communications, writing, training, strategic planning, project management, and marketing, I’ve written thousands of business documents including plans, risk analyses, white papers, case studies, installation manuals, marketing pieces, ad copy, and video scripts. I’ve also sold more than 1,000 lifestyle, profile, human interest, how-to, career, and educational articles. I’ve developed and facilitated training on a broad range of topics, spoken to groups of five to 500, taught workshops and continuing education classes in online and face-to-face formats, and coached/consulted with creative entrepreneurs, small-business owners, corporate executives, and individuals. My primary academic research interest focuses on how segregation, non-inclusion, and stereotyping in modern popular fiction perpetuate the myth of the other, but I’m also fascinated by the power of interdisciplinary studies.

A born strategist who sees the world as a series of inter-connected patterns and excels at creating workable, effective solutions, I’m honored to be known as a highly innovative thought leader with a passion for uncovering hidden talents in others, the ability to translate complex concepts and processes, and a knack for helping people find answers by thinking about things in exciting new ways.