I’m Maggie Worth and my mission is to change the way the world thinks, one thought process at a time.

Yes, I’m an author, speaker, business strategist, trainer, and freelance writer. I’m also a reader, life learner, dog schmuck, hair flower obsessionist, foodie, Mensan, Oxford comma defender, life-integrationist and champion of thinking differently. During my 20-year career, I’ve drafted literally hundreds of process manuals, press releases, how-tos, business and strategic plans, and lifestyle and career articles, as well as two textbooks and several award-winning marketing pieces and video scripts. In short, I’ve written pretty much everything. I’ve also managed multi-million-dollar projects, launched brands, programs, and sales territories, and strategized everything from crisis communications to social media contests to departmental restructures.

After much exploration and cogitation, I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up: a thought leader. Specifically, per my vision statement, I aspire to become an influential thought leader who helps spark a cultural movement toward visionary thinking, strategic planning, and purposeful action.

What does that look like on a day-to-day basis? I write. I develop strategies. I write about strategic thinking — or any kind of action that requires thinking a little differently about the world. I teach individuals and business owners to write strategic plans and employ strategic thinking techniques. I teach people to write. I teach writers to write strategic plans. I pen a little fiction. I blog a bit. I tell the stories of people who do neat things, dream big, and take the unexpected route to happiness. I ponder and what if and research and recombine and generally have an absurdly good time.

Need any of that stuff? Read on, MacDuff and let’s see how we can change the future.