I’m Maggie Worth and my mission is to change the way the world thinks, one thought process at a time.

I’m an author, speaker, business strategist, trainer, goals coach, and freelance writer. I’m also a reader, life learner, dog schmuck, hair flower obsessionist, DIY enthusiast, foodie, Mensan, Oxford comma defender, life-integrationist, and champion of thinking differently.

Professionally, I pair a 20-year career in marketing, writing, project management and strategic communications with a somewhat more recent adventure as a multi-published genre fiction author. Personally, I combine passions ranging from reuse/recycle/DIY to social justice and diversity/inclusion to individual strategic planning and goal-setting. I love telling great stories — and teaching other to do the same.

I’ve written business plans, lifestyle journalism pieces, how-tos, informational articles, product reviews, award-winning marketing and video scripts, ad copy, white papers, installation manuals, blogs, and just about anything else you can imagine. But also poetry, memoir, essays, novellas, short stories, and novels. Plus a couple of textbooks and reference books. Conventional wisdom says “write what you know.”​ I say “give me something new to learn about and an opportunity to share what I discover.”​

As an INTJ (I’m a big fan of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and will be seeking MBTI® certification in the spring), I’m a born systems-builder who thrives on strategy development and implementation, sees the world as a series of interrelated patterns, implications, and concepts, and excels at creating workable, effective solutions. But I also have a Perceiver’s comfort with ambiguity and change and an Extrovert’s ability to inspire and motivate. I’m known as a highly innovative thought leader with strong public speaking, leadership, and training skills and a passion for uncovering hidden talents in others.