Goal SMASHER! Life & Career

Need a goal-setting system you can work through on your own? There’s a book for that!

You want to get more out of your life and/or career. Here’s how I can help:

One-on-one coaching and personal strategy:
Goals, personal and professional
Career changes and development
MBTI® administration, interpretation, and coaching
Enneagram/MBTI® combination coaching
30- and 50-minute sessions via phone or video
Small group coaching, with or without MBTI® also available

You may also benefit from:
Eight-week small group virtual workshops on strategic goal-setting
Virtual webinars (coming soon)

Want to discover your MBTI® preference, but not looking for a coaching arrangement? I have an affordable, comprehensive package available for that, too!

Contact me at Maggie(at)wheatgermstrategy(dot)com to discuss pricing and availability.

Please note that I am not the right choice for individuals seeking relationship or health-related coaching, or for those who would benefit from a therapeutic model.