Personal Strategy

As an ICF-certified ACC coach and a certified MBTI® interpreter, I help individuals, groups, companies, and executive leaders, figure out what they want and how to get it. Not all of my clients opt to include the MBTI® as part of their plan, but it is available for those who do. Most of my individual clients are pursuing self-discovery and improved goal-setting and attainment, while most of my executive and entrepreneurial clients are seeking to improve individual or organizational communications, strategic thinking, and professional effectiveness.

I offer 50-minute and 30-minute sessions via phone or videoconference, but face-to-face options are sometimes available for groups and for multi-client companies. All new individual clients receive a 30-minute initial coaching session free of charge so we can determine whether I’m the best fit for your needs.

For individuals who aren’t looking for coaching, but are interested in learning more about themselves through the MBTI®, I offer an affordable, comprehensive administration and interpretation package.

Please note that I am not the right choice for individuals seeking relationship or health-related coaching, or for those who would benefit from a therapeutic model.

Contact me at Maggie(at)maggieworth(dot)com to discuss pricing and availability.