Goal SMASHER! Small Group Workshops

Want to create a solid, actionable goal plan that really works? My Goal SMASHER! small group workshops help you do just that.

Each class meets virtually at scheduled times, for a set number of sessions, with “homework” you’ll complete on your own in between. You’ll meet with the same group of four to eight people throughout the course, and have an opportunity to learn from your classmates’ experiences and ideas. Part instruction and part small-group coaching, these workshops will start you on the path toward your goals in either four or eight weeks.

Four-week classes meet twice per week. Eight-week classes meet weekly. Session one is 60 minutes; all other sessions are 75 minutes for the small business/entrepreneur and career courses and 90 minutes for the personal goal-setting class.

All are held in a closed virtual classroom, though you may call in for audio only if you wish.

You’ll also receive a print copy of the appropriate Goal SMASHER! book, as well as six months of follow-up emails to help you stay on track.

Separate courses are available for:
Personal goal-setting (8 weeks; 7 seats/class)
Career goals (4 weeks; 6 seats/class)
Small businesses/entrepreneurs (4 weeks; 5 seats/class)

Email me at maggie(at)wheatgermstrategy(dot)com for current class schedule and pricing.

Part of a small group of 4-8 people who’d like to take the course together? Email me to arrange a special session.